The Dark Lord of the Sith continues his suppression of the world of Shu-Torun. Teaching those that he never intended to and sometimes lessons they didn’t want to learn.



Writer: Kieron Gillen

Artist: Salvador Larroca

Colorist: Edgar Delgado

Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover: Mark Brooks

Well since Darth Vader dropped last week and WordPress still hates to allow me to post pics easily the extra days have taken their toll. However the work around only costs me tons of extra time in front of a PC screen.

Ok enough bitching about WordPress. Darth Vader #18. We pick up the issue much where we left off last time. With Vader and Queen Trios trying to quell the rebellious Ore Barons of Shu-Turon.


So we have Vader directing the battle from the ore drillers with his forces and the loyalists from Shu-Torun.

dv201820b_zpscwdz4vyh During the dive to suppress the Ore Baron forces a trap is sprung on Vader’s imperial forces. A sabatoure took out Vader’s drill carrier and sent it plummeting down deeper into the mantle of the planet where troops of the Ore Barons were waiting to attack.

It takes a second to realize that like Journey to the Center of the Earth much of this issue takes place with no sky. Just crust and magma rock for backgrounds to the sequential art.

Anyways the trap is to knock Vader and his imperial forces assisting the Shu-Torun loyalists out of the fight. Making sure the loyalists toughest piece and yes that would be Vader cannot help Queen Trios with the battle for the planet.

At first it looks like Vader and the droids (oh yes he takes Bee-tee and Triple Zero with him) along with his imperial officers and stormtroopers are going to take it on the chin. But shortly after the trap is sprung Vader lets the skittish imps under his command know that he prepared for the eventuality of needing more firepower was planned for. The droids then activate all the commando droids Vader created much earlier in the series when he was shoring up his own secret forces. Glad that hook came back around to do more in the story… well played Gillen. dv201820c_zpsnawiwgy3

So then Triple Zero decides to grate Vader on some plan that is … out of place… not just for the droid but also for Vader to not cut the idiot droid down. So I assume that this small point will be a hook to be played later.

By the way,… Salvador Larroca’s art.. His Stormtroopers on Shu-Torun are drawn beautifully. They also seem to be more beefy then the stormtroopers on the previous planet Vader spent a lot of time on a while back (the name i forget he meets the sherlock holmes guy there).

Delgado’s colors that assist Larroca’s art for the troopers and the droids are exquisite. The harsh blacks not only from Vader’s costume but used in the panel design and used so well is fucking awesome.. that’s right. The very rare Rezikai congratulatory F-bomb.

I could talk all day about the art by the way. There is an occasional nit-pick but damn the pros outweigh the cons, the Shu-Torun fleet flanked with an AT-AT with the red haze reflecting off of it.. dam… people… dam.


So back to the story Vader and the pair of light saber wielding twins who’s names escape me but are pretty and blonde and therefore evil. If you’re new to comics it’s been a staple in Marvel that since about 1998 pretty blonde characters are usually very evil or fan service or sometimes both. I’m sorry some people get racial about it… I don’t like to but I will occasionally … not now. Maybe later.


So Vader and the twins go on foot and while away from the drill carrier in search of the Ore Barons advanced positions while the commando droids and stormtroopers hold off the Baron’s front forces. While crossing a narrow area the pair of golden hairs start getting non-speaking panels which usually equals some action coming up.

We were right!

Suddenly the pair of twins attack Vader trying to off-him while on a small rock bridge formation above a river of molten magma. Will they dispatch the Dark Lord? Pffff. please He wont even work up a sweat on them… or anything since ya know he’s mostly metal .. /slapsknee…


So we’ll get to see more light saber fighting between the three. I was hoping this would wait until after the Sho-Torun campaign but meh… whatevs. This story is well written and the art is excellent 8.5 of 10 blaster rifles.