So if you’re a visitor of the site then you read and or watch Star Wars sites and news. So the title above shouldn’t be surprising. The Season 2 finale of Star Wars: Rebels. Where it’s been marketed as a meeting between an old master and apprentice  and new ones.

The preview here and other ones around the net show Ezra meeting with the old Zabrak which begs to ask where is Ahsoka and Kanan from the preview and how would Ahsoka not know who he is.

Maybe she’s in a separate segment meeting him later. Like many others around the internet I have my own theories of how the confrontation with Maul, Ahsoka, Kanan, Ezra and Vader will go.

My own theory? Well.. I haven’t heard it kicked around yet and wondered if…

Eh well hokey religions and ancient relics are something I don’t normally speculate on but…

When Ezra meets Maul he starts to try to use the dark side of the Force to defeat the inquisitors. He does slaying the 5th Brother and 7th sister.

Kanan and Ahsoka try to stop Maul’s influence over the boy but make an uneasy alliance. Eventually Vader arrives and it’s a battle between them somewhere in the mix Kanan or Maul perish. Ahsoka battles Vader and eventually culminating in Ezra turning to the dark side and with Vader’s help slaying Ahsoka.

Ezra then becomes Vader’s secret apprentice. Ahsoka (or Maul depending on who survives) falls back to the rebel base to let them know what has happened.

How crazy and hated would Ezra be if he were the one to slay Ahsoka… or what if Maul lays the killing blow on her and/or Kanan rather then Vader. Even though my scenario has a few ways it could go I’d actually like to see Ahsoka survive… maybe maimed and gored some but giving up the fight and/or turning herself to the darkside. Eh again all theory and conjecture.

*Imperial march plays in the background*