Friend of the site and co-host Eric Berry (of ) wrote a piece for a few weeks ago but I hadn’t gotten around to posting about it. (AKA I forgot) you can read the entire article—> here (or click the picture)

Collection room 

I did enjoy and the read and the chance to glimpse at Eric’s collection. I suggest it for anyone who’s into collecting SW/anime/gundam or a prop enthusiast.

This was originally part of a Star Wars ComLinks theme that Jenmarie from had set up. However I’m not that into the whole networking thing with Star Wars so I didn’t get asked/didn’t ask about it lol.

Eric can normally be found in the 501st trooping events or showing off new props or sometimes new diorama pieces for 3.75 figures at and on his Facebook page .

I’m honored to be his friend and partner in action figure crime.