The final issue of Kanan: The Last Padawan dropped today. After reading it I was left really wanting.

Kanan #12 cover

I admit this series had some dry spells and I forgot some of the middle issues but luckily it went out on a good note.

Kanan #12 scroll

Writer: Greg Weisman

Aritst: Andrea Broccardo

Colors: David Curiel

Cover: Mark Brooks

Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

We start the issue with Kanan and Ezra walking through the streets of Kaller as the rest of the crew of the Ghost heads back to to Lothal with the desperately needed supplies. He and Ezra are off on a mission to find a friend of Kanan’s from his days as a rogue under Jannus Kasmir. Kanan #12 A

The friend Morfizo sent a distress call to him and he went to the planet of Moraga to answer it. Kanan and his traveling companions get to to to his friend’s home planet of Moraga in style in an old HWK-290. Those of you who have played Dark Forces may remember this Moldy gem a sight for sore eyes (and fingers) after long missions stealing the Death Star Plans. –

So Kanan and Ezra arrive and look for his friend but instead find Morfizo’s wife Morfizia her children who tell him that his friend went and joined a Rebel Cell! (Foolish). But in doing so he got himself captured. Kanan and Ezra decide to bust his old friend out. Kanan asks Morfizia if his old ship is still stored here, she says it is of course. Kanan shows off “The Escape” to Ezra. Readers of the 1st story arc may remember this little craft. So off they go to the planet Lahn searching for Morfizo. Ezra asks Kanan about the ship and why he was keeping it secret. Kanan says it was held in storage for years with Morfizo as a “just in case” situation occurred.

Kanan #12 B

While on planet they find the small imperial outpost at Illmek Island Spaceport where Morfizo is being held. Only a few stormtroopers guarding a building and with some therm-goggles Kanan spies Morfizo inside the building with another pair of troopers and what looks to be an imperial officer… an imperial officer that was female.. (Kanan didn’t say that part) but by the shape of her curves and stance (butt) it seems Broccardo wanted us to know it was a female just from the thermal’s view.

The plan is simple, Ezra distracts the pair of troopers in the front. While not there Kanan busts through the roof and gets Morfizo and they’re back to the ship before anyone knows what went down. Simple right? Because a plan is simple doesn’t they are easy… (Wedge Antilles – In the Empire’s service pt.1) So the lad jumps down to distract the pair of troopers and finds out that these troopers aren’t as dumb as rocks like Lothal troopers and actually think about his half-assed attempt to distract him. So Ezra realizing he’s failed, shoots one in the knee with his slingshot (remember this is before the Lightsaber episode in Rebels season 1) and bails with the troopers in pursuit.

Kanan #12 C


Kanan takes the failed distraction as his chance all the same and jumps to the rooftop of the building and cuts down into the ceiling bursting down into the room with Morfizo. One trooper is knocked out by the ceiling caving in on him and the other is blasted in the head by a well placed shot from Kanan’s trusty DL-18 (Palace Blaster). Mofizo in his energy cell thanks Kanan for coming but Kanan shushes him. He only took out the pair of troopers… where was the officer?

Then a laser blast hits the energy cell field next to Kanan and he freezes seeing the shooter…. Captain Sloane -BOOM- Kanan says. “That’s Vice Admiral Sloane now” she says back to him -DOUBLE BOOM- She’s been waiting for Kanan Jarrus, the man who became her “hobby” in the last six years. You see she explains that since she encountered Jarrus on Gorse (it’s a part in A New Dawn) she knew he was more then a mouthy pilot.

Kanan #12 D

Sloane tracked Kanan’s history all the way back to where it abruptly ends on Morgana with Morfizo. Morfizo the poor fool is as shocked as people who haven’t read A New Dawn as he didn’t realize Kanan was lying to him. Seems Sloane has figured out Kanan Jarrus didn’t exist before Morgana. She has Kanan drop his weapon and step back.

Kanan #12 E

Sloane isn’t going to let him go as easily as on Gorse. She mentions the Twi’lek pilot he used to run with and he had lied to her to. He did of course.. or rather perhaps she never asked. Either way Kanan gives no fucks and says “Nevermind her either”. Sloane grabs the DL-18 off the floor and dual wielding them on Kanan she tells him she was the one who found out Morfizo was a rebel and had him arrested. Thought she did hope his arrest would lead Kanan to her.

Well like a pimp Kanan force pushes Sloane into the cell energy field knocking her out and frees Morfizo. Morfizo asks Kanan why he never told him he was a Jedi. Kanan’s reply is simple and effective. “Because at the time I wasn’t”. And as far as Morfizo is concerned he still isn’t. Morfizo agrees that spreading that around wouldn’t be good for either of them. While back at the ship they wait for Ezra who arrives after a while. Kanan asks what took him and he says he was cornered by the troopers but some guy came by and knocked the troopers out for him and let him go. Kanan asked who it was but Ezra said he didn’t stick around to ask. So the three of them cram into the Escape and head back to Kaller.

While the scene changes to Admiral Sloane we’ll come back to that…. (gets anxious)

Kanan #12 G

Morfizo and his family are to get new identities thanks to Gamut Key. High above Kaller leaving orbit a ship containing former Sepratists General Kleeve and famed rogue Janus Kasmir leave orbir with Kleeve asking Kasmir why he had stopped to help some street rat by bashing in a pair of stromtroopers bucket heads. Kasmir thinks a minute and just says “I dunno Kleeve. But I think maybe… maybe the kid reminded me of someone…” hehe we all know who that was…

So back to Sloane, she is standing over the pieces of debris from Kanan’s break out getaway with Morfizo when someone off panel interrupts her she tells them not now but then she turns to see who it is. -Gasps-… its the Grand Inquisitor. -TRIPLE BOOM-. He wants to know everything she knows about “her hobby”…./end.

Kanan #12 F

Well what I can I say except AWESOME. the writing was good the art was good the flow was good. Hell the only gripe I had was Broccado’s use of the Rebel’s styled stormtrooper helmets instead of regular stormtrooper ones but that’s just a small minor thing. But what this does is mean when the Grand Inquisitor fights Kanan he has an idea who he is. We know from Rebels the Grand Inquisitor knew Kanan was trained under Depa Billaba. So it starts to flesh out why that is a little more.

Man I was so pumped to see Sloane and the Inquisitor so much I had forgotten that the HWK-290 was in the issue and maybe we’ll see who uses it/one like it that we all love! I hope another Rebels/Kanan arc does come around set in the Rebels era. If it does and happens to have a certain mercenary and his co-pilot show up then I’m all-in.

9.5 of 10 blaster rifles.