The preview issues of Kanan below were scoured by other more respectable sites like that were privy to them because of some small minor details about their site, like professionalism, maturity or understanding the english language.




I’ve read the entire run of Kanan and somewhere on this site I’ll post the rest of the 12 issues in review when I find them somewhere deep in’s library when I was doing the comic reviews over there. For now though I’ll give some pre-final issue thoughts.

  • I hope the wrap up the Clone Wars era neatly.

I always hated it when comics left threads loose and never go back to them. Sure it’s fun for a hook later on down the road but this isn’t a huge 16 book saga or a medieval MMO game (before they got all easy and pay-to-win) that has decades of lore and history behind it. We already know how Caleb and Depa Bilaba meet Order 66, sadly enough due to the initial storytelling of the first arc issue 2. I wasn’t a fan of showing it that early and still am not arriving at a point we know the outcome to never hyped me as much as using my imagination to ponder and think about a web of possibilities for any stories direction.

  • Other 66 survivors

The old EU had some Order 66 survivors from the onset that eventually died to Vader or other means. Others went on into exile and yet still more turned dark and became agents of the dark side. I’d like to know what happened to some of the other survivors eventually but that may be asking a lot from a series with 1 issue left.

  • If Continued…?

I’ve thought about what I read in A New Dawn and how Caleb takes the name Kanan and basically becomes a young man sewing his oats and spreading his DNA all over the galaxy in the daughters of many an angered father. If they decided to tell the events in a jump of time after the end of Caleb Dume’s tale I’d be all in. “Kanan Jarrus: Exiled Knight” Has a nice ring to it. Him meeting other scoundrels and scallywags, taking on rough jobs and rough characters. But always soft and smooth for the ladies (lol cheesy i know but that’s him) in a recent episode of Rebels Kanan is talking to a female inquisitor who comments on his handsome face. His reply has some depth to it “I don’t go for crazy… anymore!”. Hmm anymore eh? Could or would those tales ever be told? Maybe a Princess Bride scenario where he’s the Pirate king…. anyways again its all imaginative speculation.


Do my eyes deceive me?

If you noticed the the 3rd and 4th thumbnail image above it looks like an old Moldy friend seems to have returned. Those of you who are more prequel era and Clone Wars era kids may not remember this old piece of junk but it was the sign of hope and relief to long nights of scouring through tunnels avoiding storm trooper patrols and fighting off horrendously strong Dark Troopers.

Now the appearance of a HWK-290 light freighter in the last issue of The Last Padawan may not be anything. It may just be the writer or artists little hint back to the roots of their fandom. Moldy_Crow_-_XW_MG

Gosh I hope it’s more, I know it irks many of the younger Star Wars fans (by younger I mean under 30) who couldn’t or wouldn’t try and engorge themselves on all the old EU. I don’t blame them… there was a ton of it and 1/2 of it was bad… really bad and I couldn’t in good conscience tell them to read it all.. hell I DIDNT READ IT ALL.

I like that more and more stuff from the old EU is trickling in but it seems the storygroup understands when to cherry-pick the best parts of it. It’s worth the wookieepedia read at the very least.


The Moldy Crow however was one of the better parts of the EU combining an old EU tale of stealing the first Death Star plans with video gaming  . So many hours were spent with the pilot and to a point the co-pilot of the crow that if this is indeed the same ship then I can only hope we see the pair eventually somewhere in the future from the Lucasfilm story group. Heck Vanessa Marshall voiced Jan Ors in the 3rd game! Seems she knows a thing or two about flying iconic Star Wars ships,…. even the younger fans know that.

I can only hope that we’d see the mercenary again. Who was a good character at first with little to no backstory or depth but grew into so much more over time. /salute to KK.