Well 2 for this site anyways. The 1st one had been published like a week ago I just hadn’t gotten around to posting it. However DisneyXDUK posted this one of an older Imperial droid speaking with Chopper about past battles from the Clone Wars.

I’m sure not a lot of time is spent with a couple of old droids talking old war stories like 2 old soldiers would in the episode (even though I loved hearing those stories when my dad and uncle would tell them).

Sighs… its a kids show I know….so old war stories probably don’t interest the youth today like I was back then… maybe kids never were I was just weird…. good. I like being weird if it means appreciating the tales of old to help guide the future, learning history helps learn from the past is what it comes down to.

So glad my dad taught me that early on.

:::::::::::::::::UPDATE :::::::::::::::

So apparently DisneyXDUK made the above clip private,… wackness….

so here’s another clip from the same episode I hadn’t loaded yet.