This weeks Rebels clip has Kanan somehow meeting an old Jedi Temple Guard that somehow survived the Clone Wars and Order 66.

After watching it I can’t help but think back to what Filoni told us back in the mid-seasons break between Season 1 and 2. That the season 1 inquisitor which is never named was in the Clone Wars… some had thought he may have been a Jedi temple guard since he was one of the few jedi’s with their faces never shown.

At first I thought it was… an odd theory but after listening to the guard he does sound like a voice manipulated Jason Isaacs. Also.. the shape of his lithe body and even the shoulder pauldrons match the inquisitor’s season 1 design, but of course painted differently. Either way season 2 is really turning out to be a lot better then most people give it credit for… I blame The Force Awakens… its hard to compete with a quarter billion dollar budgeted blockbuster movie as a kids animation show… but both have there quirks.

Here’s hoping to see more 7th sister.