star wars #8 cover

Star Wars issue #8

Jason Aaron

Stuart Immonen

Wade Von Grawbadger

Justin Ponsor

Immonen, Von Grawbadger, Ponsor

Thanks again for joining us for the review of the main Star Wars title. If you haven’t joined us for one of these before know now that we do talk and ramble on spoilers. Oh and more screencaps! yay!

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So Star Wars #8 has to pick up where issue #6 left off. If you recall issue #7 was an Obi-wan one-off story told through his journal Luke found at his old hut and took it with him to read to get to know his recently deceased Jedi Master’s mindset. However at the end of issue #6 instead of a wisened Jedi master we have a woman claiming to be Sana Solo, Han Solo’s wife. Yes… wife…. yes… wisened.


We start issue six with a beautiful piece of a Imperial Star Destroyer launching tie bombers and fighters to root out or destroy the smugglers (Hand & Leia) who got past their sentry fighters into the stormy skies of the planet and landed. The opening double splash panel of the ISD is something Imperial dreams are made of. The new penciler on the title Stuart Immonen does his homework when it comes to Star Wars. The image is not a normal stock image that so many other artists use. Yes it’s from a photo, but the particular photo its from is not something as normally found or used by Star Wars artists. The following panels of the Tie pilots excited to drop the bombs on our heros shows a small glimpse not seen much in the recent Star Wars main title, imperial grunts. It was refreshing to be honest after 8 issues of mostly main characters.


so… Solo….. Sana… Solo.

She claims to be Sana Solo, bounty hunter for hire and chaser of scruffy looking nerf herders. I sat and thought about this whole situation and how it reminded me of some 80’s sitcom where a long lost love declares they are married to a main character. The old trope has been used to death. I’d rather not see it in a saga such as the Star Wars universe. I’d much rather leave it back in the sitcom era with Cousin Larry and Balki Bartokomous.


Now, we have Sana Solo kiss Han then slug him. Ok so that part about women Jason Aaron got right I know this first hand. Leia at this point is far from being that young warrioress who tells Solo she loves him as he’s lowered in the carbon freezer pit. She escaped the first Death Star just a month or so earlier and decides to let Han and Sana work this mess out between them. Which in my opinion was the best way to write it rather then have her start bitching at Sana and Sana being the scorned lover she is starts getting all up in the face of her baby’s new side chick who doesn’t know about keeping it real …. ahem… anywho….. Sana points her blaster at Leia letting her know she’s worth too much money to get away and she intends on handing her over to the imperials for a hefty reward.


Issue eight also shows Luke traveling to the pirate world of Nar Shadda. Which I’m glad to see. It was first created in the old EU in Dark Empire and later retconned over a few times before being wiped with the rest of the EU last year. Thankfully they brought it back and I’m glad. A smugglers moon is a great enviroment for some shady antics with a boy and… his droid…. ahem… anywho…


Luke goes there in search of answers to the Jedi Order Ben didnt’ get to answer before his death. Luke decides he needs to go to Corascant to the old Jedi Temple. But being as Corascant is the Imperial capital he may not be well liked there so he needs quiet transportation there, and heads to Nar Shadda for a seedy looking bar and worse looking pilot in it. Well as you might expect the crowd inside this shady bar all see Luke ignight his sabre for all the onlookers to see. Thus revealing who he is in front of a bar full of aliens he’s never going to see again? Right? RIGHT?


Sometimes it pays to stay in bed.

I have to say I’m really impressed with the new tandem of pencils by Immonen and colors by Ponsor. Scenes like the below’s final panel with Han and Leia showing just their eyes could be done horribly if communication between the penciler and the colorist isnt clear. As we see them huddled and the view isn’t a normal photo reference view, so Immonen drew what he knew Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford to look like in that position, thats where the colors come in rather then the inker for subtle differences in facial shading and rendering which can be flat and ugly if done without communication between the two artists. Forturnately that doesnt seem to be the case.


All in all I’m giving the issue an 8 of 10. Higher then most of all the other Star Wars main title’s issues…. *waits for it*… but Matt? You didn’t rate any of the other issues in your reviews? — … Silly mortals I always rate everything I just get lazy this far down the review and finally decided to start giving half a $#!@*. See you all in 30!