Star Wars #7
The Journal of Ben Kenobi

Written by
Jason Aaron

Art by
Simone Bianchi

Cover by
John Cassaday

Finally, we return with STAR WARS issue #7!

I’m sure many of you have been holding your breath for the next installment of the main Star Wars comic line with a special one-off this month of the famous Obiwan Kenobi. As I’m sure many of you guessed the art changed up this month Marvels’ Simone Bianchi takes the reigns as artist.

Inline image 1

Bens Journal Aurabesh

We step into the past from the book’s opening page done in Aurabesh script with an aged look to the paper giving it an old tale of lore feel from the very beginning. The story is narrated through Ben Kenobi as he tries to adjust to his life on a desolate planet far from the once proud and honored warrior he was in a different lifetime.

Ben Kenobi now ex jedi knight and wanderer of the Judland wastes. He speaks of the differences in his life now compared to his previous time as a warrior for the light. He recants times he wanted to intervene when thugs threatened the innocent but instead had to force back the emotions to allow himself to look the other way. Kenobi even mentions that as hard as it was to become a jedi, that it was even harder to stop being one. I have to give Jason Aaron some kudos for portraying the shift in thought process Kenobi has to go through to ensure he isn’t found out. He thinks of how he should have been training young Luke in the ways of the Force but Owen wouldn’t allow it.

Bens Journal Lukebrain

He couldn’t blame him though after the last Skywalker and how the jedi were purged from the galaxy. Eventually he notices young Luke trying to stand up to Jabba’s thugs when they come to collect water taxes from the moisture farmers. He knows in the young Skywalker there is hope. Hope and a lot of help from a self exiled jedi master who happens to watch over him to ensure his little snot nosed self isn’t pummeled in his out of proportioned for his bodie’s noggin a few times for trying to act like he’s going to stop some enormous thugs from Jabba.


I want to comment on Bianchi’s art. I really enjoyed it, to me some panels reminded me of art straight from an RPG book I read with an old hermit wizard and an young lad about to embark on his fateful quest. The colors were fantastic as well capturing the cool dark blue hues of Tatooine’s night in contrast to its abrassive hot bright colors of it’s dayside. If anything I’d say the only knock on the issue is with the story. I know Aaron’s a great writer and all but I felt the Jabba thugs and young Luke standoff was a bit forced if uneeded. This issue was to be about Ben Kenobi and while he features as the prominent figure in the issue it didn’t need to have young Luke Skywalkers adventures when an old crazy wizard came to help him fight off some thugs. As other podcasts have said I’ll reitterate that I prefer to have Luke’s life up until the purchase of the droids be very mundane and a duldrom. Much as Kenobi speaks about surving the years of solitude as a relic in his hut.

Bens Journal RPG

I hope this isn’t the last issue of Kenobi’s journal flashbacks. I’d love to see him face off against Tusken Raiders, Jabba’s thugs himself or even a Krayt Dragon. While Luke is ok as a background character for him to watch over we know he doesn’t get to do that as much as he’d like because of Owen. Hence Kenobi needs to occasionally head to the cantina to scare up some supplies or maybe even talk to BoShek since the pair seem to know each other prior to him speaking to Chewbacca in the icon cantina scene in A New Hope.

Here’s to hoping… and reading….. and hoping.