#10 coverInline image 1

Star Wars #10

Writer: Jason Aaron

Penciller: Stuart Immonen

Inker: Wade Von Grawbadger

Colors: Justin Ponsor

Letters: Chris Eliopoulos

Cover; Ponsor, VonGrawbadger, Immonen


I sat down to issue ten after remembering how great issue nine was. We open the story with Han, Leia and Sana claiming to be his wife (ex or present).

The opening art on the splash page is beautiful, while we are getting Aarons running commentary between Han, Sana and Leia the Star Destroyer is unleashing ties all over Sana’s ship (as in the previous issue Han and Leia’s shuttle was destroyed by her). They’re arguing as normal but sadly I don’t know if Aaron appreciates the patience readers have for reading arguing women about a man… ahem. lol


The flee and we transition to Chewbacca and C3PO searching the Smugglers moon of Nar-Shadda tearing through the back alleys and shaking down informants for the whereabouts of their lost and captured friends Luke Skywalker and R2-D2.


We see Luke off and on during the issue being trained in a grand arena to fight others with lightsaber’s. The Hutt crimelord, Grakkus has captured him and is forcing him to fight in battles for great audience against other fighters and even great beasts.


Then in an interesting twist a gungan on Nar-shadda is informing to someone that Chewbacca has been sighted on the smuggler’s moon. The gungan tells the hunter that if Chewbacca is around then Han Solo is sure to be with him. The hunter is not Boba-Fett as most hunter-lovers expect. It’s his old hunting buddies who’s a bit more shovanistic (yea baby!) and a bit more dirty and grungy with a core-world accent, Dengar… hehehe.


All in all it was a solid issue. We’re having multiple story threads continuing and unlike a quick side-run and bam!  Group back together Aaron’s starting to really weave a good tapestry of stories with side stories themselves. Immonen’s art was still great as usual. All in all I can’t really gripe about the issue not even about the previous seen as goofy gungan race at all and or the first time in the entire Star Wars line I’m anxious to see the next issue… that’s saying something if you’ve read my previous reviews.