Another fun filled day in a penitentiary isn’t it?

SW# 16 cover.jpg

Time a side trip in the main line story in Star Wars #16 Rebel Jail.

SW# 16 Scroll.jpg

Writer: Jason Aaron

Penciler: Leinil Yu

Inker: Gerry AlanGuilan

Colors: Sunny Gho

Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos

Cover: Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson

We diver right in this issue with a fight scene taking place on the ship of Sana Starros. Star Wars readers may remember her from the earlier issues of the series posing as Han Solo’s estranged wife. Which turned out not to be true but what-ev’s -shrugs-. We pick the scene up as some rebel fleet troopers are trying to hold down the hottest chick in the galaxy Dr. Aphra.

SW# 16 A-B.jpg

Sadly Arpha is molly-whopped by Sana from behind and is knocked out. The Rebels have been interrogating her and decided to take her to one of their secret prison facilities, Sunspot Prison. A facility very close to a star where it gets warm and never dims in the prison block. These heathen rebels put Dr. Aphra into a cell! One could only imagine what else was in that cell before her. They threaten Aphra to talk but she tells them nothing and as the prison warden and Leia walk away Aphra lets the readers know that she and Sana used to know each other. Somewhere somehow… one could only imagine how… imaging that movie I’m making in my head…lol

SW# 16 C-D

Anywho… Sana declines Aphra’s offer to help her escape for a hefty amount of credits. The good doctor is taken aback that her former friend is a rebel sympathizer? Hmmm Not sure if I like where this is going. I’ve been holding out hope Aphra makes it through the trilogy saga but now that they link her to one of the worst written characters Sana Solo/Starros I think they’ll try and off her by Sana’s hands. I liked to think Jason Aaron and the writing group had less cliche ideas then that but after some of the lackluster issues of this series and others I have major doubts. Anywho, we leave the prison with a scene where apparently some of the bounty hunters dispatched by Darth Vader in DarthVader issue#16 arrive in secret to the secret Sunspot Base … its a secret.. shh.

SW# 16 E

The issue transitions to Solo and Skywalker, but no mention of what planet or space station they are on kind of leaves the reader wanting to know that but the next few panels show that the scene is just filler. Han looses trying to cheat at Sabacc, and he and Skywalker half to flee a mob of angry bar patrons. Han decides to try and make up for the lost credits from the Sabacc game by doing some smuggling. Seems like this is just plot set-up all the way which works of course.. just a little too sloppily for my tastes.

Finally we go back to Sunspot prison just in time to see the bounty hunters/squad break through the outer hull of the station using drilling equipment and board the prison in a running firefight against the guards.

SW# 16 F

The issue ends on that note and for me not a moment too soon, it was hard making it through this issue which is odd because some gems had come previously from this line. The art was fine, the colors were fine, it just felt like the prison looks… blah.

So all in all I give it 6.5 of 10 blaster rifles.