Another great clip from this weeks upcoming episode of Rebels!

This little clip has way more backstory in it then I think half of the show has had total.

Thoughts and speculation incoming!

So in this clip we see Hera and Ezra speak about the conflicted feelings between her and her father Clone Wars character (and hero) Cham Syndulla. She speaks about how the Republic became the Empire and how her mother was killed in the resistance.

She also says her and Cham hadn’t spoken in years, this was something hinted at from the previous clip “Family Reunion” where she greets Cham and says “It’s been a long time Father.” He doesn’t even reply to her in that clip showing the disapproval of his daughters choices and instead talks to Kanan.

Ezra’s astounded that Cham seems to put the freedom of Ryloth above his family where Ezra is so family oriented it startles him. He leaves as Cham enters the scene. THEN! Then we get Cham saying to Hera “Is that the old Astromech you found during the Clone Wars?” … The muthaf’in CLONE WARS?!..  How old Chopper anyways!? And he’s Hera’s droid! man.. so much to think about so much to speculate on… to be honest I like to think I called the whole Hera/Cham strained relationship not speaking for years thing… but now my next one is that Cham and Numa are an item. Ya know Hera’s mom has been dead a while so Cham and his new lady Numa are lekku tanglin on the side making Hera upset since she’s pretty much the same age as her.

Hot and terrible I know… this is me .. and this is what I do.