star wars #6 cover

Star Wars issue #6

Writer: Jason Aaron

Art: John Cassaday

Colorist: Laura Martin

Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos

Today we delve into the last issue of the first story arc of the re-imagined Star Wars universe since Marvel and its parent Company Disney have taken the reigns from Darkhorse. I must say the last six issues have been fun. For good and for bad at least things were new and intriguing.

Issue six comes out swinging. Leaving off from last month when Luke Skywalker was blinded by the galaxies favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett with a flash grenade. After a few quips and sarcastic remarks regarding each other Luke decides to take on Fett in Ben Kenobi’s old shack. The fight is decent enough though perhaps a little too short. The scene is chopped up between it and cutting to Leia and Han freshly landed on a planet Han seems familiar with that doesn’t appear on most charts. Let me take a moment and pay a little homage to John Cassady who seems to be a fan of the Chronicles of Riddick. The landscape of the planet looks inspired by Creamatoria from that movie and I love it and the movie as well… but … I digress.

After landing Leia thinks this place could be a good place for the alliance to use as their new secret base. Han thinking less of a potential rebel base and more his hidden stash of Corellian wine is so thankful Chewie didn’t drink it all. With drink in hand Han decides to take a chance with the princess and a bottle and a pair of glasses. High above we get to see the Tie Fighter pilots chatter back and forth over the destruction of said princess and smuggler and assume they were destroyed in the ion stormy/planet thingy the pair went into with the imperial shuttle. Suddenly the cloaked bounty hunter we’ve seen for a few issues speeds past the ties as they warn it to identify themselves. Our mysterious hunter flies on past and dives into the ion planetoid/storm in her ship that resembles something from the Corellian drive yards and perhaps even a YT series model.

Thankfully the next pages are the scuffle with Fett and Skywalker. It starts getting good to. Fett shooting Luke in the shoulder, but look using the force to finally see the weapon with the power of the force and deflect the shot. Fett using his rocket pack and bum-rushing him. Man… I could have watched this scene for pages and pages. Alas, all good things… and we have a few dramatic panels and dialogue with Luke and Boba before they hit the ground and struggle for the lightsaber. Then it shows the box marked “For Luke” that had been seen in previous issues and was the reason for Luke’s return to Ben Kenobi’s hut. Now I’m going to say something that others may not agree with. But here it is.

Fett wasn’t knocked out by the box falling off a shelf and landing on his neck. It clearly shows the speed lines of the box coming in FAST to Fett’s backside and in the previous panels it showed the box lower to R2’s profile in the background… hence it was on the ground. Someone.. used the force and grabbed it and force threw the box at Fett in desperation. It makes more sense that a force pulled object would hit a lot more harder then a box (heavy as it may be) simply falling and hitting the backside of Fett’s neck armor. Luke is astonished he was able to do this in his desperation but I’m smelling an old Republic General Kenobi’s ghost, hes’ due to get a 1 off-comic next issue anyways so maybe he’s a little stronger in the force in the area he spent decades. Anywho.. we’ll have to wait and see…

Back to Han’s attempt at a 19 or 20 something woman about 10 years younger then he and not about to let the moves be put on her. As you could have guessed from my set up it went poorly for our handsome smuggler, a glass full of wine to the face and a pissed off princess. Then in the subsequent tirade between the pair Leia hears a ship. Han looks up like a deer in the headlights as Leia comments it’s not an imperial vessel. It’s of course the cloaked bounty hunter from the previous issues who’s finally caught up to the pair and gives them a good blast of laser to knock them down. Then when Leia asks Han who it is the hunter unmasks herself for Leia answering her question. Her name is Sana Solo, Han’s wife? (enter my deer in the headlights look, more comments on Sana after a bit).

A quick cut-scene of Luke finding his X-wing with R2’s help and slowly regaining his sight. He gets in the cockpit and unlocks the box he found. Inside is a tattered tome with the aurebesh writing “THE JOURNALS OF BEN KENOBI” Hmmmm… may be an interesting read.

In the last scene of the issue Fett arrives at a star destroyer to tell Vader he missed out on Skywalker. Now, this kind of hurts on a level since in the old E.U. Fett hated Solo so much because he was the only bounty ever to give him so much trouble and never had lost one. Well with this new canon seems they don’t like Fett’s reputation as much (see last issues review). Fett meet’s Vader and little is said between the pair. Jason Aaron said this scene was one of the most discussed and reviewed scenes set up between the Darth Vader and SW crews to make sure it worked right. The extra attention paid off. After a few words Fett tells Vader the name of the pilot, Skywalker then realizes his work here is done and leaves. Vader stands silent a moment then goes into a rage cracking the ISD’s glass window around him as he repeats the name, that means so much more then a simple rebel that got lucky at Yavin. Much, much more.

I have to say in the recent issues of main Star Wars line my hope for a great story was starting to flounder but this issue mostly made up for it. Yes we had Fett who in old EU supposedly NEVER lost a bounty, and yes we had Sana Solo who may be inspired by Han’s old EU girlfriend Salla Zend. But I can take that since I got a good fight between Fett and Luke and later the scene with Vader, it was good enough to make me forget about the stereotypical angry ex woman scorned dialogue that was given to Sana Solo from last issue and this one… let’s hope that trend doesn’t continue and the great scenes and story does. My thanks to the creators this month for making it awesome.

See ya in 30!