Star Wars issue #4

Writer: Jason Aaron

Art: John Cassaday

Colorist: Laura Martin

Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos

So we’re back with issue #4 of STAR WARS. The main title in the comic reboot since Disney has purchased the franchise. Disney is said to be giving Star Wars the Marvel treatment in regards to continuity with its movies and novels. I’m hoping this carries over into the comics. It’s a little early to tell as it’s only the fourth issue but we’ll see.

So in this issue we’re shown the aftermath of the rebel attack of Cymoon1. The largest imperial weapons facility in the galaxy. We’re given a few different perspectives to view from which was helpful in keeping everything linear. I have to say John Cassaday’s art of Tatooine is really good, I especially like the dewbacks and ITTs outside of Jabba’s palace when Vader visits.

 Though the whole Vader at Jabba’s palace was novelty already done in the Vader comic line a few issues ago so I wonder if the story group means to show it’s the same visit or he is a repeat attendant of the crime lord’s twi’lek shows.

While the Sith lord and the Hutt make a deal while our heroes are recouping at the rebel fleet. Princess Leia and Mon Mothma discuss what their recent missions have accomplished while Han and Chewie are putting their old bucket of bolts the Millennium Falcon back together.  Then there’s Luke. Luke has that not so fresh feeling about himself. He’s in self doubt and acting a lot more emo then we’ve ever really seen him ever in the movies. Leia even comes to try and give him some confidence (and discuss a new mission) but he’s hearing none of it.

Later Luke leaves the rebel fleet to go back home while the rest of our heroes are off to find another harrowing mission. Vader and Jabba finish their party together and we see a group of rodian’s try to take on a female bounty hunter on Tatooine and get shot up pretty easily.

I’ll say this. It’s not a terrible issue. I’ve read worse easily. However I was expecting… more. Star Wars was the main title in the Marvel retaking of the Star Wars line and while it’s O.K. for a sci-fi title to me it’s falling short of the main title for Star Wars. I dare say the Darth Vader series and maybe even the Princess Leia series are more enjoyable so far. Then again it is still early in all three series. However some things that have been bugging me are still lingering in the back of my mind. Like Emo-Luke, look we know he was upset when Ben Kenobi was killed but it lasted a few moments and then he was thrown in the mix with Han fighting off Ties. In issue #4 Luke is in all kinds of self doubt because he couldn’t stand up to Darth Vader… let me repeat that for those who need to re-read. He was upset because he couldn’t stand up to Darth Vader. The fact he got away with all 10 fingers and toes should be a miracle in it’s own right all thing’s considering. But I guess in this post Twilight world we live in sitting around feeling emo and talking about feelings and self pity is the cool thing to do rather then getting up and helping your buddy fight off Ties or rebuilding the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.

Then there’s the bounty hunter in Mos Eisley that meets the rodians. This part really kind of had me scratching my head. Because I thought the story group was going to try and reign in some of the craziness from the old E.U. like stealth X-Wing, black hole stormtroopers, zombie stormtroopers etc. Here we have a bounty hunter looking for Han Solo who’s confronted by rodians wanting to rob her for her own personal cash and not go after Jabba’s bounty on Han himself. She then starts randomly saying body parts like…. “knees” and suddenly a hold-out/smart-targeting/voice-activated blaster unloads on the rodians knees, or arms or where ever she says. People… if it were this easy to make blasters and targeting software we would have never needed a force using farm boy from Tatooine to bullseye a thermal exhaust port just 2 meters wide. Even the Falcon’s auto gun in Empire Strike’s Back wasn’t smart targeting when shooting it’s way out of Echo Base, just look at the missed shots it had on those snowtroopers.

Stuff like this from the old E.U. I was hoping the Marvel franchise would avoid for more practical story telling about I don’t know skill of a bounty hunter and not some carnival show.

Story snafu’s aside, I liked the artwork. John Cassady’s Tatooine wide shot panels are really nice. Not to forget almost everyone’s favorite bounty hunter (not mine) Boba Fett making an appearance and exquisitely rendered, in a full splash page no less. On a lesser note I still find it odd the stormtroopers all have no necks between their helmets and shoulders but again their stormies so no one really cares (maybe the 501st) lol.

The only thing I could really gripe about is the way he has to draw the heroes. The legendary three of Han, Leia and Luke are mostly redraws of photographs from reference which is understandable since I’m sure Marvel want’t to make sure they are drawn as close to screen accurate as he can make them but sometimes it comes off too foreign from the rest of the panels and looks almost like a different artist altogether. Other then that small gripe the art was really nice and again Laura Martin’s beautiful colors are breathing life into Cassady’s work.

So this concludes issue#4 of Star Wars review, look for issue #5’s review in  about 30!