So we find the Ghost’s crew having to link up with the Ryloth rebel cell. Lead by Cham Syndulla… the last name should be familiar… its Hera’s! Dun Dun Duunnnnn

I’ve been slacking off the last few weeks getting Rebels clips out for a preview so I figured I better restart. To be honest it was the comedy in the clip that I loved. Kanan acting like a nervous boyfriend about to meet his girlfriends father… lol. Then when he messes up who he points to while introducing the crew was pure comedy gold. I hope its not all comedy of course but it really helped the mood.

Also getting to see Dobi and Numa from the Lords of the Sith and the Clone Wars return is a nice touch. I just hope Cham isn’t with… eh. Well anyways we’ll see how it plays out. lol.