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ToyFair 2016 Star Wars information!

First as multiple other outlets have reported Rogue One is getting it’s own Force Friday Event! Speculation is saying September 30th 2016.

Galactic Heroes for the kiddies will get some updates with some new figures, vehicles and playsets coming including a Hera, Kanan, Zeb, Ezra, chopper  1st season Inquisitor and a Ghost and a Phantom vehicle.

GH toys


3.75 figures will be getting:

Season 2 Rebels:

Sabine with Removeable Helmet!
Kanan Stormtrooper disguise!
Darth Maul Rebels figure.
Rebels Leia
and The Seventh Sister

Photos courtesy of @justinlasalata

The Force Awakens:

(as previously showing by Entertainment Weekly)
Takodana 4pack with a Maz Kanata figure also includes Finn, Rey and BB8.

TFA 4 pack
Thanks to Rebelscum.com for the picture

Black Series 6″:

6″ Revan Fan Poll winner
6″ Sabine
6″ ANH Leia
6″ ESB Snowtrooper
6″ 3PO
6″ AT-AT Driver
6″ Rogue One figure exclusive to SDCC

Note: Luke 6 inch and others like Kanan were also shown but are currently being found at retail so I excluded them.

sabine, 3p0, leia
Photo courtesy of Stitch Kingdom @stitchkingdom


What I found interesting is there is no 3.75 nor 6″ Luke nor Leia from TFA. Leia I can forgive as she’s getting a Rebels 3.75 and a 6″ ANH figure. But Luke… no jedi master Luke? Really?… Eh lets hope he comes sometime soon eh?

There were no 3.75 vehicles which I was slightly disappointed with but I can let slide, I’m hoping we’ll get some with the Rogue One Force Friday line. I’ll be lurking the rest of the weekend if there’s more news i’ll get to it eventually 😛


I want to thank TAMER of @The_Shipyards from Imperialshipyards.net for his furious finger tweeting to keep the population updated on the new Star Wars merch coming out. As well as Jedibusiness for their near realtime update of the 3.75 and 6″ lines.