Obi-Wan and Anakin #2.

O-A#2 cover

The Jedi Master and Padawan return for their second issue of learned skills and over aggressive native residence of the planet they’re visiting.

O-A#2 scroll

Writer: Charles Soule

Artist/Cover Artist: Marco Checchetto

Colors: Andres Mossa

Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

O-A#2 A

So we pick up this second issue immediately where we left off in issue #1. With Obi-wan and Anakin meeting a pair of ghost white skinned female human women (Mother Pran and Kolara) with tribal tattoos on their faces holding old primitive shotguns at them. Well of course they are wondering who each other are and as the Jedi try to explain to the women that they received a distress call from this world and are responding to it.Obi-Wan was trying to use the Jedi mind trick to ease the tensions of the elder woman named Mother Pran when the second airship attacks! The second airship above opens up on them, shooting at the group while the four of them scurry for cover on the side of the ice cliff.

O-A#2 B

Well after the four find cover the pair of women say the ones shooting at them are “closed’ as foreshadowed in the previous issue there seems to be two types of major factions on this planet “Open” and “Closed” I had a handful of bad fast-food restaurant puns to go along with the fact that the women could pose as medieval circus clowns and a McDonald’s fast food chain faction… but I won’t go there…. not yet anyways.

Anywho Obi-wan decided these “Closed” that are shooting at him and Anakin along with these pair of “Open” women (snickers) needs to stop. So he goes into jedi-knight mode and leaps up to take on the floating blimp and with a quick flick of his wrist his saber tears through the airship sending it down into a flaming hulk. A lone survivor leaps from the airship’s descending wreckage and Obi-wan grabs the man and pulls him up to safety to the ire of the pair of women who seem to know this “Closed” man and claim he’s one of the worst.

O-A#2 C

The “Open” women and “Closed” man known as Grecker all draw on each other in an old fashioned Mexican Standoff… the racist quote aside it is quite odd to see guns drawn on each other so close you have to aim shots from a projectile weapon like the old westerns. But it doesn’t last long, unlike the Tarantino film Reservoir Dogs, they all down blast each other. Anakin gets the go-sign from Obi-wan and disarms Mother Pran and Grecker by slicing up the barrels of their firearms. Then they try pulling blades on each other and Obi-wan force pulls them… I guess this is supposed to accent the fact the Open and Closed sides don’t like each other. Much like the Open and Closing shifts of an Arby’s restaurant I worked at during the late ’90’s /slapsknee.


O-A#2 D

After some back and forth banter of hate between Grecker and Mother Pran about who started the war Obiwan tells Anakin they can’t help these fools and decides to move on to people they could help. Grecker pleads to the jedi calling them “skygifts” saying they are going to all die from exposure to the cold by destroying their airships and destroying their weapons. Seems Celadon has a sea of mists that is very dangerous to cross without weapons. So the plan is to take the remains of each of the pair of airships and make a workable one. Mother Pran and Grecker are against it at first but will allow their hate for each other to subside for survival sake. The younger woman Kolara is inquisitive with Anakin over how they were able to receive a distress call from off-planet since that technology was lost to their races generations ago… and by the fact these races are using firearms and airships it seems correct in her assumption.

While trying to grab pieces of the airships together some corpse leeches (nasty “Pitch-Black esque bugs) attack them and Obi-Wan and Anakin have to fend off the beasts. Obi-wan easily tames the mindless beasts but Anakin struggles to control their mind… having to use his lightsaber to keep the beasts back. After he hacks a few of them up in defense he flashes back to Coruscant and the Jedi Temple.

O-A#2 E

Remembering a previous failure to touch another beast with the Force in a training exersize. After that Obi-wan takes Anakin to see chancellor Palpatine at the Chancellor’s request of course. He’s taken an interest in young Anakin. Palpatine takes Anakin down to the sub levels of Coruscant to see the seedy underbelly of the Galactic Capital. The flashback stops as Palpatine and Anakin enter club Kasakar and returns to the present
time of the jedi and the three Celadon natives now airborne on the make-shift parts of the two previous airships. Obi-wan and Anakin talk about the Open-man and Closed-women’s mindsets and how they changed their attitudes when they heard why the Jedi had come to Celadon. Maybe they had a chance for peace… maybe. Anakin reflects on the Open and Closed and say they are just like them… to which at first Obi-wan doesn’t understand he counters that while the master and padawan have their disagreements they don’t get as violent as this race. Anakin clarifies the statement saying he meant Jedi and Sith to which Obiwan brushes the comment off saying that for the moment he believes they are safe…

Sadly he didn’t see the hordes of bug-eyed goblin people that are going to try and bring the airship down and probably eat the lot of

So… thoughts….

Well the issue went fast without a lot of explaining which I usually like.. but later on in a story not at the beginning especially with the flashbacks I love seeing but not when it’s chopping up a story so thinly given to a reader. I thought Soule’s work on the Lando series was OK… not earth changing nor gush-worthy as so many other reviewers thought it was so I like the fact that this story has a broader sense of scope with an entire planet in play but smaller in the galactic sense because it’s an isolated world… it’s hard to explain.

Anywho I like the Closed-women. They seem pretty cool, Grecker trying to kill them all while they were standing around seems to me like he needs to die.. but knowing the writer I suspect Mother Pran will die, since Kolara also survived to be the young generation to give up hating even tho Grecker will probably kill Pran. So Kolara can live in a rainbow-candy filled future… I hope not. I like the look and ‘tudes of the women so far and don’t want to see either one of them go.

Anywho I loved the art. Checchetto’s worth here is on par with Shattered Empire and I loved his art there. Sometimes he mis-proportion’s hands/faces in SE and here but I can forgive that. considering the huge amount of work so much detail in the panels must take. Loved the colors to Mossa captured the Blade-Runner look with them in lower Coruscant well. All in all a good read 8 of 10 blaster rifles.