K10 cover

We return to the era of the Grand Army of the Republic and Separatist Battle droids for the tenth issue of Caleb Dume’s!

K10 scroll

Writer: Greg Weisman

Artist: Pepe Larraz

Colors: David Curiel

Coverl: Mark Brooks

Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

In this issue we start out with something I was hoping to see more of all along, Rebels! Yes the crew of the Ghost is busy defending the lifeless body of Kanan Jarrus as he recovers in a bacta tank. While in his unconscious state Kanan remembers a similar time when he was known as Caleb Dume a padawan of the Jedi Order. His thoughts were of a similar situation that had left him in a bacta tank then as well.

K10 A

I have to admit I prefer watching the current rebel crew fight off the storm troopers instead of the prequel era battles against the battle droids. I suppose its nostalgia of seeing my backyard campaigns being played out on the pages. But back to the story, Kanan remembers in his dreams recovering from his wounds on Karoda that landed him in the bacta tank during his time as a padawan (see previous issue). He exists the tank to find his Master Depa Billaba and the clones on a new mission to defend the war-torn planet of Mygeeto. K10 B

The assault to wrest free territory from the battle droids starts well enough but quickly escalates when Billaba and Dume along with some choice clone troopers are trapped on a landing platform as hundreds of battle droids start climbing the platform assaulting their position. The group of heroes are told their evac is en-route but they weren’t sure they would be able to hold off so many enemies. Luckily a pack of Mandalorian fighters show up with some air support lead by Fenn Rau. Those of you who watch the REBELS tv show may recognize him as the old veteran that badly wounded Hera in a recent episode about Concord Dawn.

K10 C

Rau’s strafing run holds off the battle droids long enough for our heroes to escape to safety. But the moment is short lived. As their gunship lands they are ambushed by another unit of battle droids and we see a new friend of Caleb’s the young clone Stance slain in front of him. Killed by the Colonel foreshadowed in a previous issue.K10 D

Billaba tries to distract the enemy colonel but is then stopped when her attention is grabbed by a new threat one she’s had issues with before. General Grievous.

 K10 E

All in all I liked the issue, we had a lot of action with out a huge amount of dialogue that so often clogs up panels with unneeded narration. Also I hated to see Stance die, I liked him and was hoping he’d pop up again later but as we know how brutal the Clone Wars got almost anyone was fair game.

I’m actually looking forward to the next issue which is something I haven’t said about the Kanan comics in a while.. (or maybe i said it last issues review… meh -shrugs-) either way I’ll be back to speak thoughts on it next time! … oh and 8 of 10 blaster rifles.