HasMat possible

As reported over at Yakface.com here: http://yakfaceforums.com/main/2016/02/04/hasbro-mattel-merger-in-the-works/#disqus_thread

Bloomberg reported that Big H and Mattel are in talks.. and were in talks 20 YEARS AGO?!

What would a Super-toy company be like? I mean I appreciate Mattels homage to the adult collector with their items and it seems Hasbro has went more kiddie going back to 5POA and leaving the Black Series 3.75 figures as a Walmart exclusive.

Could this be positive for the SA collector in the long run if it comes to fruition?

I’m cautious about it… I’ve seen Hasbro failings before… I’d like to think Mattel is basically buying big H. But only time will tell, if it does happen I wonder what it could mean in the way of Playsets and Vehicles since the recent slew of vehicles have been undersized and in some cases less then the best QA assured for the TFA line.

If it happens what would you like to see come from it?