From the Journals of Old Ben Kenobi

SW# 15 cover

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: Mike Mayhew

Letterer: VC’s Chris Eliopoulos

Cover Art: Mike Mayhew

Hello Star Wars Fans! We return to the journals of Ben Kenobi for this issue. Luke Skywalker picked up Ben Kenobi’s journal way back in issue 6 of Star Wars and we had the first flashback issue staring Obi-Wan in issue 7. Now we return with a new chapter from the journals of Kenobi for this month’s tale…

SW# 15 A

We open the issue with a young desert farm boy piloting a T-16 Skyhopper across Tatooine. It’s no surprise to be a young Luke Skywalker of course. But it was nice to see his childhood friend Biggs Darklighter on the commlink speaking to him as he flew. Well Skywalker was still using practice wings apparently because he crashes the skyhopper to the torment of Uncle Owen’s bloodpressure.

SW# 15 B






Kenobi away from the asschewin Owen is giving Luke goes off to the Dun Sea to find some Jawas who are in need of his services. Seems some old varment Tusken Raiders the Sand People have been a’pokin’ around the Sandcrawler homestead and those jawas are in need o’some hired gun to take care of’em. -chews a haystraw-

SW# 15 C


Well it doesn’t take long, that night the raiders come out. No not the silver and black attack from Oakland but the Tusken kind. Soon Old Ben Kenobi has to lay the law down. But they weren’t no match for no Jedi… by the next morning the Sand People had ski-daddled and Old Ben was paid and off to his cabin. Seems he knew Luke had busted up his Skyhopper and used his servies as payment to give Luke some new tools to fix it up to Luke’s surprise. Well it didn’t take long for Uncle Owen to figure out who paid for Lukes new set of Craftsmen’s and he goes to Kenobi’s cabin to have a few words with him.

SW# 15 D



It doesn’t end well between them and Owen tells Obi-wan to stay the hell away from his nephew Luke. Knowing that Obi-wan is a lying, cheating, traitoring, stkinking Jedi. Soooooo Obi-wan realizes he’ll have to not get involved as much with Luke’s life. What happens in the last few pages is what those in the industry calls foreshadowing. As we see Jabba’s palace and a bunch of Gamorean (pig guards i say!) thugs being shot at by a big black furred wookie, Black Krrsantan! Seems he was meddling with rebels since before Luke was able to didly his first Wamprat. The issue ends that way with the readers assuming they’ll be more to read. But if it’s next month I’d be surprised.

SW# 15 E

My thoughts…

The art in the book was good, the colors were magnificent but the linework occasionally suffered from too many human facial shots (snickers) when really it didn’t need to go there. But I can let a minor gripe like that slide. What caught my attention the most was the photo-esque feel to the colors on the backgrounds and I loved that. The writing was solid as was the flow, in fact as far as I can tell this has been a step up from the normal Star Wars story in terms of solid plot forming and non-cheesy tactics to get people to look at it… ala Han,Leia, Chewie in an AT-AT fighting Vader or Han, Chewie and Leia all having to use Lightsabers on Nar-Shadda…. ugh…

Maybe it’s because there wasn’t a ton of characters and happenings in this slow duldrum setting of a story to get too cheesy but it works so much better in my opinion. Cheese for Star Wars comic relief characters is fine like Artoo and Threepio but ease up on it for the classic heroes.

All in all an 8 of 10 blaster rifles…