Darth Vader #15

DV# 15 cover

Vader Down 6 of 6. The final chapter of the Darth Vader & Star Wars crossover!

DV# 15 scroll

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Artist: Salvador Larroca

Colors: Edgar Delgado

Story: Jason Aaron & Kieron Gillen

Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

DV# 15 A

We enter this issue with our favorite dark lord of the Sith going saber vs. saber with Karbin the Mon- Cala/Grevious wanna-be. The pair go at it for quite a while, in the mean time and just a few yards from Vader and Karbin Princess Leia is watching them as she’s expecting her call of Y-Wings to carpet bomb the area but the raid never comes due to the events of Vader Down part 5.

DV# 15 B


While hudling waiting for a shot to take at the pair of saber wielders Leia gets a communique from C-3PO alerting her that Luke Skywalker was captured by Stormtroopers. Now the next scene is… odd I think it’s Leia thinking back to the previous issue where she leaves Han, Chewie and Luke unconscious on the ground to go take on Vader and call in the Y-Wing strike. Then upon learning he’s been captured she decides to leave Vader and Karbin attacking each other and starts to make her way back… maybe she feels responsible for leaving them and getting captured.

DV# 15 C

While Karbin is going toe to toe with Vader his troops are taking Luke onto a Tyderium shuttle. Fortunately! Dah-dah-dum dah-daaa! Dr. Aphraaaa makes her appearance in this issue on her awesome ship Arc Angel and comes over the short-wave to Vaders’ helmet in a communique letting him know Skywalker is about to be taken off-world. He of course is upset this jedi wanna be is stopping him from getting to the boy. So Aphra asks to please try and help to make up for her whole accidently messing up his plans previously. She really likes old Vader I think.


So Vader gives her a plan off-screen we don’t see. A few moments later Vader lures Karbin onto a small rock bridge formation and suddenly the Arc Angel appears overhead and smashes the bridge and into Karbin who survives the collision but in the rubble left over his body is ruined and he sits up to speak to Vader who quickly offs the Mon Calamari cyborg. Aphra has to continue this plan Vader has started and ejected from her beloved ship to go to the Millennium Falcon.

DV# 15 D



Anywho, Vader watches as a the tyderium shuttle starts to take off but using the force he crushes part of it’s engine assembly sending it back to the ground. Karbin’s guards are sniped as they come out of the shuttle thanks to Bee-Tee and Triple-0. Allowing the unwitted Luke to escape. He gets away from the shuttle and heads back to the Falcon where Black Krrsantan the wookie bounty hunter was finally shocked unconscious
by C-3PO.



Now this next part is slightly confusing. Some time must have passed since the wookie bounty hunter was knocked out until Han and Chewie and the droids get back to the Falcon even though they were only a few yards from it. Because in the previous issue Black Krrsantan punched a hole through the Falcon’s cockpit making it of course not space-worthy. Well when our Heroes (the general audience not mine of course) return to the Falcon Han notices it’s been patched up. Apparently this was part of Vader’s plan, he had Aphra patch it up and place a mine-field around the Falcon. Our so very attractive Dr. Aphra tells them to drop their weapons as she holds up the detonator. Well after she seemingly com-links Vader letting him know she’s captured Han, Luke, Chewie and the droids Luke and Han are in disbelief she works for him. Aphra comments there were so many things she could them about him.

DV# 15 E


Then after saying that a voice off-screen says “Really!” and as Aphra turns to see who it is Leia’s fist socks her in the jaw. Ugh,.. noooo Aphra noooooo… (fills with anger).


Well as the issue closes Leia stands over an unconscious Aphra who is laying so vunerably on the ground and maybe it wasn’t meant to look this way but I’m pretty sure Leia’s copping a look on Aphra’s curves… hot girl on princess action in Star Wars?

DV# 15 F







Sighs… probably not. Han tries to lay some schmooze on Leia saying he knew she couldn’t leave him and she throws it back at him saying as if she could get rid of that rogue so easily. The crew takes off with Aphra aboard and the heroes comment on how Luke never got to see what was in the ruins of the old Jedi Temple…

Vader looking on…

So… thoughts…

Vader Down wraps up and is actually not very eventful aside from Karbins demise and Aphra being captured. Which to be honest I’m glad Karbin’s gone I hated his design and his character progression. HOWEVER Aphra being captured is HORRIBLE. However I have a feeling its all part of a larger plan by Vader I’m betting she’ll be getting close to Luke and can lead Vader to the boy. Maybe she’ll have to scrog the young farm boy which
would suck but I have a feeling giving your body to someone you don’t want to is just another day at the office in the service of Darth Vader.

DV# 15 Header

I loved Larroca’s art and I see why a few previous issues were more sketchy/un-polished the Arc-Angel profile view crashing into Karbin was worth the previous issues mediocre pages. I have to say Jason Aaron who I’m not much of a fan of and Kieron Gillen’s work in this cross-over wasn’t ground breaking for the series but with their writing having to be funneled into the events of The Empire Strikes Back I can let it ride. So I’ll be bakc
with issue 16 next month!

Please don’t let Aphra go good! #WelovebadAphra!