Too many R’s…. know Right! Whew. Anyways MSW made an article came out today sighting that a rumor has gained traction with Filoni’s Rebels’ show.


You can read the MSW article ~HERE.~

Personally as a fan of the EU 1991-2000 I would love this to come to fruition. Though I hope Filoni understands how to “handle” a major player like Thrawn should be. He wasn’t a bumbling Imperial officer. He was methodical and a brilliant stategist. He laid plans to counter plans to counter plans. While not as viscous or cruel as Vader he was just as deadly even to his own crew.

The most important thing I took away from reading Timothy Zahn’s trilogy was that Thrawn understood the logistics… in the original Heir to the Empire trilogy of books Thrawn understood things like troop numbers and food resources.


So he put those more elements most writers either totally forget or give a throw-away line in the background of their writings Zahn brought into the forefront in his story.

We had read in Aftermath of the mysterious Fleet Admiral that Rae Sloane spoke to that was never named. Perhaps the story group was wanting to keep it under wraps as to not spoil the second season of Rebels. To which I understand as it would overshadow much of anything the rebels are trying to get accomplished in that show.


I have to say secretly even if it’s false I hope we get to see Admiral Paeleon. The old wise imperial officer would be a great addition to Rebels even if they can’t/don’t introduce Thrawn himself. Hell what am I saying I’ll sob like a woman seeing her favorite color lipstick break off and fall down the sink drain if this is all a hot air rumor and neither of them make it in…lol