Star Wars #14

SW#14 cover

Continuing Vader Down part 5 of 6!

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: Mike Deodato

Colorist: Frank Martin Jr.

Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos

Cover: Mark Brooks

#14 scroll

We pick up where part 4 left off with Leia stranded in the misty badlands of Vrogas Vas face to face with our favorite dark lord of the Sith.

Initially I was amped for this issue as we may get to see Leia and Vader face off for the first time since like Splinter of Mind’s Eye and even then it was so brief it was anti-climactic. Talk about the devil we knew and the devil we didn’t.

SW#14 1

Leia and Vader don’t get much in the way of even throwing harsh glares at each other before the Grievous wanna-be shows up trying to wreck the joint. While that trio is facing each other down a real fight was going on with Chewbacca and Black Krrsantan the bounty hunter after Luke.

SW#14 2

Well the fights gets dirty as most fights between wookies would and Han tries to calm things down but luckily R2-D2 is there with some kind of med-shot on a blow-dart syrenge that energizes Chewy and allows him to lay the whomping on BK.

Luke however is still off in the badlands at the ruins of an old Jedi temple when a bunch of Karbin’s troops show up to kill him and show up Vader.

SW#14 3

Unlucky for them Luke’s been doing some saber practicing and with the unintended help of Triple-0 and Bee-tee the stormies are barbequed good.

Vader fights Karbin through some of the ruins of the old Jedi temple grounds as somewhere the ghosts of long dead jedi try to call out to him. Karbin being all spidey like with his Grievous-esque body leaps from behind Vader striking him in the lower back with his saber. Vader yells out in pain obviously but it doesn’t seem to kill the dark lord as most of his body down that low is probably mechanical anyways.

SW#14 4

Hand and Chewbacca seemingly have Black Krrsantan under control but the Wookie bounty hunter isnt going down without a fight. Luke for what it’s worth com-links Han to tell him to get the hell off this rock since troopers are everwhere. But just as he’s relaying the message some troopers smartly give him a rifle-butt to the forehead knocking him unconscious.

All this going on and Leia is just standing there watching Vader and Karbin fight… I long for the days of the old EU watching Leia fight on the front lines and being a true general of the battlefield… maybe one day Marvel.. maybe one day.

SW#14 5

All in all I liked the issue, it read quick and had some great action. Not a whole lot of silly things like plot to get the way of some good saber-battlin’. I give it 7.5 of 10 battle rifles.

I’ll be back next issue of Star Wars with #15 returning the the stories of Obi-wan Kenobi’s journal!