Some thoughts on the upcoming episode of Star Wars Rebels…

“The Protector of Concord Dawn”.

Mostly I rant about Boba Fett and the old EU… Enjoy!


There’s always a bit of truth in Legends…

Words spoken by Ahsoka in the new Rebels season 2 trailer really starts to hit home when Dave Filoni and crew start delving deeper into backstories with the Ghost crew from Star Wars: Rebels.

Even in the old -OLD (1977-83 1991-99ish) EU Concord Dawn was a mysterious world that had a journeyman protector that eventually became who we know as Boba Fett. I always found it odd Lucas never took any of it from the old EU when he created… ugh… Jango Fett and son Boba. We know Boba Fett was a popular character and some of the more comic minded mysterious-is-awesome people loved that he didn’t have anything known about him.


I hate those people. I like knowing the backstories I like knowing the moments and choices that forge a character. That’s why when I heard we’d learn about Boba Fett in Attack of the Clones I was kind of amped about it. When I left the theatre after watching AOTC I thought… wow George pretty much doesn’t care about good backstories or character development… and went right for the merchandising gut. Wanting people to start buying another bounty hunter in Mandalorian armor like Boba and who was Boba’s dad/clone blue print.


Watching ten year old Boba Fett helping Jango try to take out Obi-Wan Kenobi at first had really upset me and with so many claiming the whole Lucas is the grand-weaver etc etc it really irked me. I was older and saw it for what it was, a merchandising ploy for a money grab. Sad to since Boba-Fett was one of the few that actually had a good working relationship with Darth Vader.

Later on when they replaced the legendary Jason Wingreen’s voice with Temuera Morrison’s in the blue rays of the special edition versions I compared to the two (I still have my VHS copies) Morrison didn’t seem really interested in doing the voice and did it more as a job to get over with on an afternoon. It came off flat and not nearly as sadistic. Myserious who cares… a bounty hunter wasn’t about being a Mr. Nice. Fett himself was supposed to be based off of Sergio Leone’s “Fist Full of Dollars” character “Blondie” played by Clint Eastwood, the old TOPPS Galaxy magazine from the late ’90’s even had a screen capture of Clint dressed as Blondie in the article which is somewhere in the mass amount of magazines in my storage containers…lol.

Essential 1995 Fett-1

Fett’s original backstory was that of a journeyman protector of the planet Concord Dawn named Jaster Mereel who felt a moral code to him but when his superior officers acted immoral and corrupt he kills them, thus being exiled. The morality of his old code leaving him he becomes a bounty hunter. Later on in the 00’s they would re-write that Jaster was in fact Boba-Fett’s adoptive father,… which was a nod to the old EU tales but still left many fans feeling empty.

In the old-OLD Marvel EU they said the Mandalorian’s were an elite group of 212 super-commandos of Mandalore Fett was part of (Concord Dawn was ruled by Mandalore) who were all assigned the Slave-1 esque styled Firespray vessels.

Essential 1995 Fett-2

Those old Marvel and eventually Dark Horse tales, only three of the original Mandalorian super-commando’s survived the Clone Wars, Boba-Fett, Fenn Shysa and Tobbi Dala. Not sure about that guy. They also put the Clone Wars a mere 10 years prior to ANH rather then the 20 we know it as now allowing the Mandalorians to be given intell on then what was thought to be a young Princess Leia (wookiepedia says Padme, but i have the issue SW#68 its supposed to be a 15-20yr old Leia). Later on in the 00’s they added a Alpha-02 Spar? Maybe it was going to be a call back to the original tale of Jaster Mereel.


Eventually Dave Filoni created the Clone Wars and put Boba Fett in it as a young hunter who had a crew of members… now… Filoni I’m sure was trying to get a reason to squeeze Dengar and others into the Clone Wars so he had young Boba under the tutelage of Aurra Sing.

Filoni’s also hinted that the Boba Fett we meet in the movies may not be the same as we’ve seen in the Clone Wars….always cryptic that one is… so soon we’ll learn more in the rest of season two and season three of the former Journeyman Protector of Concord Dawn… or we’ll get more kid-boba playing Bounty hunter…

I kind of hope Filoni figures a way to weave the two to make a good story that may ressurect the old Jaster Mereel from the old original EU. ~Rez

BobaFett pencil
High school drawing circa spring break 1996

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