SW Annual cover

It’s been a long, long time since Star Wars put out an Annual comic.

Star Wars Annual #1

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Artist: Angel Unzueta

Colorist: Paul Mounts

Letterer: VC’s Joe Carmagna

Cover: Paul Mounts & John Cassaday

SW Annual scroll

It’s been a long, long time since Star Wars put out an Annual comic. Dark Horse in the 90’s 00’s and 10’s
never really did Annuals like Marvel publishing did.

So with Marvel returned as the publisher of the Star Wars franchise they have put out the main Star Wars’
lines first Annual comic edition.

We’re opened with an imperial named Tharius Demo berating some poor slob for taxes as he hasn’t paid for imported goods. When in fact Tharius is a rebel spy named Eneb Ray. (so many Rey’s in SW). After he and the slob part way’s he’s contacted by Princess Leia asking him to rescue a dozen or so Senators from the Imperial prison complex Arrth-Eno also on Coruscant. The prison itself is one of the few times we ever get to see a building on Coruscant without roads or buildings surrounded it and we actually see water on Coruscant.

SW Annual 1

Well Eneb Ray doesn’t seem thrilled with the princess nor her new request of saving the senators. He comes off as thinking she’s too brash which helps grow his character as a cyncial spy and I loved it. So Eneb makes it into the Prison and meets the senators, he then is told that Palpatine himself is coming to see them executed. He decides maybe he can save them and off the Emperor all in one swift stroke.

SW Annual 2

Inside the prison Eneb meets up with Colleet another rebel spy helping him map the area. He tells Leia she should send all her agents available to the prison as this will be the best chance they’ll get to taking out Palpatine. When the Emperor arrives he’s greeted by what he thinks are the soon to be slain senators that unmask themselves in a hail of laser fire as the other rebel agents assisting Eneb. During the shootout Palpatine escapes leaving his guards but Eneb follows him to the roof of the prison where he kills the last of
Palpatines guards and guns the Emperor down from behind.

SW Annual 3

Sadly, or not sadly if your a fan of old grey-faced Palps Eneb looks up to see he’s only slain a body double and Palpatine was hovering above the Prison to watch the excitement. He tells Eneb to turn and watch as the entire prison tower is destroyed in an explosion.

SW Annual 4

Eneb tries to rush the Emperors shuttle and bring him down but unlike the non-force using body double this is Palpatine… a storm of blue energy leaps from his fingers cooking Eneb so badly he has to let go of the hovering shuttles ramp. Eneb shoots a graple claw to as he falls onto a passing airspeeder and gets away hurt but not dead. He has a solemn moment to reflect on the losses the rebellion just took at the tower and how naive he was to think he would be able to take a man like Palpatine down.

I have to say I like Gillen’s work on Darth Vader, here I don’t know. He did the rebel spy okay I guess but something darker wasn’t set up to be felt in the issue. Yea the prison complex exploded but to be honest after the complex is taken over and the Imperials know that I have expected that to happen. So while it’s a solid book it does have some lets wait and see time we didn’t need… so I give it 7.5 out of 10 blaster rifles.