It may have been too optimistic to think six months after this upcoming Christmas’ release of Rogue One that we’d get another episode movie in May.

Rebels Leia

So when we heard of the delay of Ep. VIII breaking with USA today we weren’t shocked. We were actually optimistic thinking if an extra half year makes the movie that much better then we’ll deal with that.

You can read the story at USA TODAY  here–>

Now on to  more important news! 15 year old Pricess Leia is getting a Rebels figure! Yes! We were discussing the thought of one recently over at and suddenly BAM!

It makes me wonder what other characters has Hasbro secretly been hiding behind the curtain? Hmm I’ll refrain from making any middle aged men collecting a young rebel girl figure (not sabine) that may have been the object of their affection in more intimate moments of the pubescent life.

( a larger look)

Rebels Leia

As an action figure collector and lover of all things Star Wars figures, (well mostly) I’m so amped at this figure sporting her Pre-production McQuarrie outfit and comm-piece on her chest. I will of course pretend to act cool and go “meh” like so many lying cynical forum users who are also giving internal High-fives…hehe.