Sometimes I feel nostalgic when reading Kanan about something from the OT or PT.

Kanan#9 cover

Sometimes something in the new Canon reminds me of that nostalgia but for a different reason/issue… government issue… with some Snake Eyes.

Kanan#9 scroll

Star Wars: Kanan #9

Writer: Greg Weisman

Artist: Pepe Larraz

Colors: David Curiel

Cover: Mark Brooks

Letterer: VC’s Joe Carmagna

Kanan #9

I have to say I had fallen behind on the Kanan series. For a while there it just was too lackluster for me, not that it wasn’t great for those that love the Jedi order and all that jazz. But issue nine finally gave me that feel I’ve been waiting for since,… oh well since the Clone Wars. It felt like the Clone Wars. Jedi out on missions with clones fighting separatists battle droids. Evil separatists generals plotting conquest and the clones fighting for every inch of real estate on the planet Kardoa.


The story starts off with the present day of the Rebels crew surrounded inside a small medcenter in Plateau City on Kaller a place Kanan had once battled in the Clone Wars as Caleb Dume. However as we saw in the previous issue he was stabbed and is recovering in a bacta-tank. While he heals his mind drifts back to his days as a padawan under master Depa Billaba. When they take on new clones to assist the remaining men from her previous unit after it was decimated.

The issue continues showing Billaba and Caleb leading troops through the canyon trails on the planet Kardoa where there’s been light intell that separatist forces may be in the area. This part reminded me a lot of the old GI:JOE comics showing columns of troops lead by the heros seeking out the evil enemy of Coooobrrrraaaa- errr.. the Separatists. Which in and of itself is just taking que’s from the WW2 tales and movies… props to Weisman for that.


Anywho during the Walk in the Sun, Caleb befriends one of the brand new clones who hasn’t gotten a nickname yet so he’s still call-sign 1157. Unbeknownst to our heroes a General Kleev who’s appeared in previous issues as a foe and later as an ally was commanding the droid army in the region. He tries to avoid a conflict but is overruled by a General un-shown. The general orders a Colonel Sear brother of a different Sear to stop the clone troops.


Well the think of things hit and Caleb is wounded. The clones are cut off and in a trap and Billaba is trying to make sense of the mess finally she and her officers spot Sear’s ship and start attacking. In his fright to be stranded Sear orders the battle droids away but not before a valiant effort on the part of 1154 to save a wounded Caleb. Earning him the name “Stance”.

A shame the series is ending at issue 12, I would have preferred that the ending be what we got in issue#2 with Styles and Grey instead of the backtreading. Eh… to each their own though.