Rez’s Review of Chewbacca 5 of 5

Star-Wars-Chewbacca-cover 5

Well this is the final issue of the short lived but much loved Chewbacca series. I must say it’s been quite the blast.

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist/Cover: Phil Noto
Letterer: VC’s Joe Carmagna


The writing for what it was could be deep yet not so emotional that it was traumatizing. This and the fact that the story is really a grass roots story about a girl her dad and meeting the Rebellions greatest Hero… Chewbacca!


They survive their run ins and enslavement with the gangster Jaum and escape from an Imperial Star Destroyer with the best named character ever in Star Wars Commander Kai. Why? You ask? Simple puny mortal, Captain Kai is the name of my own RPG character and fan-fic character I made long ago and I still write him even today. It’s short for Rezikai, who would wind up being Captain Kai’s brother. Who in the history of my writings had a long drawn out history with the Old Republic, the Empire and eventually the Rebellion/New Republic. …. but I digress.


The story ended on a somber note. Chewbacca and his new found child friend Zarro get away and get Jaum in trouble with Kai’s imperials keeping him locked away. Then Chewbacca leaves her and her dad with a chance for a better gangter free life… well free from the gangsters and the Empire for a day or so..who knows after that. Meh *shrugs*


Chewie having more pressing matters takes his delivery that he crashed on her planet with back to his home planet the Imperial controlled world of Kashyyk where he delivers a fellow fallen wookie’s bandoleer to the family of said comrade. It’s a touching moment and all without much dialogue just naration but it gets the point across. Overall I liked the Chewbacca series for what it was a nice little detour one-off without galaxy shaking implications and the art was decent as was the flow of the story so for a rating i’ll give it a 8 out of 10 Laser Rifles.