Words spoken by Ahsoka Tano in the new preview of the second half of season 2.

I thought it was a good call back to the controversy that happened last year when Disney/Lucasfilm wiped the legends EU away for a new canon continuity.

I think Dave is giving a nod to many of those EU purists with not only the dialogue of Ahsoka but other things being now put into canon like Concord Dawn, (also mentioned in the CW). To the purists who were outraged and others that were more forgiving to Lucasfilm I think they are starting to warm to Filoni for helping Ezra the great divide between them and the New Canon.

The ship in the screen cap from todays S2 second half preview looked sooo familiar to me… I believe it was used in the old EU…on Dathomir?

Someone help me out on this one…

I’ll be putting some more pics here as I see fit to tie them into old EU homages or Mcquarrie art styled new things so stay tuned!