Earlier today the season 2 second half preview dropped. So here’s some screen caps of the goodness.


During the 3 minute preview we get a good amount of OMG and WOW and WTF!

Filoni said there’s spoilers and if you know where to look below you can see some for possible big things regarding the story and plot.

Here’s his EW.com interview about the second half of Season 2


After IĀ calmed down from the awesomeness of the preview we think that a tone of ancient myth and mystery will be returning to Rebels which is something it’s missed in the 1st half of season 2. I’m not sure exactly what to think at this point. The 1st half of Season two wasn’t as epic as this so I hope they aren’t using all the best parts of the second half in the preview… but I know I’ll watch either way I just hope it generates more viewers to get another season past 3.