So Rebels fans, we’ve had quite an interesting 24hours. Not only did we get a 2nd clip of the upcoming second have premiere of Rebels season 2 with “A Princess on Lothal” on January 20th. We’ve also seem to have some leaked information regarding the second half of season 2’s episode list.

They are the following:

“The Protector of Concord Dawn” airs on January 27th
“Legacy of Lasan” airs on 3 February
“The Call” airs on February 10th
“Homecoming” airs on February 17th
“The Honorable Ones” airs on February 24th

The first episode’s name jumps out at me… Concord Dawn. The legends behind it are as near mythos as you can get. It was established in the “Old EU” as the origin planet of Jaster Mereel. The old EU’s Boba Fett (prior to AOTC changing it to Jango Fett… ugh) would intwine with the character of Mereel in different stories from comics and books (RPG etc). Originally Fett WAS Mereel in the old backstories of W.E.G. But later re-tellings contradicted this. However all have Mereel being a Journeyman Protector of Concord Dawn.
The planet itself was made canon as a planet in the Clone Wars in the Rako Hardeen arc where Obiwan takes his identity to face Count Dooku’s challenges along with other known hunters and mercenaries. Whatever Filoni has planned for the planet one could only speculate..
However I hope that eventually Rebels starts doing arcs like Clone Wars so we can go a little more in depth each episode…