On January 20th the second have of Rebels season 2 begins with “A Princess on Lothal”. We can’t wait to see what a 15 year old Leia will be like when she arrives but TV insider had a sneak peak!

Filoni hasn’t had as many Legacy character show up in the new (and albeit longer) seconds season of Rebels but we’re slowly getting them re-introduced. I suspect most watchers with any sort of extra knowledge of the Star Wars galaxy and rebellion almost expected Leia to arrive as we watched Senator Organa of Alderan show up in multiple episodes in season of of Rebels.

His young daughter and eventual senate-delegate Princess Leia Organa whom would later lead said rebellion was a natural expectation eventually. I’m glad we’re getting to see Leia as a younger more feisty self as the clip implies. It’s awesome and on a level sad, that she’d have to be fighting a war from the very start of her young adulthood. No time for dreamy dates with older noblemen or fiery flings with hot young starfighter pilots. Her’s was a life of stature and survival. Surviving while under the Empire is no small feat. I hope we get to see more of her as this and next season progresses and this is me talking… a hard core imperial man.