Hello fans glad to have you join me for my first review of the Obi-Wan & Anakin series!

Some years after the death of Qui-Gon Jin, his request to his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi to train the child from Tatooine Anakin Skywalker who he believed was the chosen one in the ways of the force.

To train this young boy and fulfill the ancient jedi prophecy to bring balance to the force. Obi-Wan now a Jedi Master and devout Knight of the Jedi Order embarks on a mission with his young Padawan to the remote planet of Carnelion IV where a plea for jedi assistance in an ancient dialect is being broadcast…

Writer: Charles Soule

Artist/Cover Artist: Marco Checchetto

Colors: Andres Mossa

Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

O & A #1 Scroll

Upon reaching the planet Carnelion IV Obi-wan and Anakin marvel at the landscape of the vanquished. Anakin is in awe to see what Obi-wan had known, Carnelion IV was a planet filled with constant war and destruction. Overlooking the Celadon Sea Obi-wan explains that the planet was not part of the Republic and destroyed themselves ages ago.

While contemplating who sent the signal a large steampunk styled assault dirigible floats past on fire and starting to crash. While the master and padawan stand watching they intervene using their force power to pull the wounded monster away from crashing into the side of a cliff.

O & A #2

When the time comes Obi-wan is reminded of recent events at the Jedi Temple where Anakin showed off his battle skills with a lightsaber versus a robot remote that had some special modifications added to it to give the impression of a previous enemy.

O & A #3

While the memories of the Jedi temple with Anakin Master Windu and Chancellor Palpatine fade Obi-wan and Anakin watch as a second dirigible enters their view that uses its primitive projectile weapons and continue its attack on the wounded one.

O & A #4

Just as the floating airship starts to disentigrate a pair of pilots from inside of it jump from the cockpit to the cliffside to Obi-wan and Anakin’s side. The pair of women with pale white skin and hair and colored tatoos on their faces meet the pair of jedi with cautiousnes. They are the younger Kolara and the slightly older Mother Pran. After reaching her feet Mother Pran orders Kolara away from the jedi as she points a pair of projectile weapons towards Obi-wan and Anakin and ask if they are “Open or Closed”. The pair of men who are off-worlders not understanding this strange decree from the older woman explain they are Jedi here to answer the distress call. The Elder Mother Pran and and Kolara exchange pondering glances as they reply they have no idea what in green hells a Jedi is?

O & A #5


Wow, I’m a huuuuuge steampunk fan. HUUUUUGE I say. I’m really, REALLY hoping that this is the route the 5 issue series is going. Maybe mix in an old Star Trek men-vs-women tribal thing that evolved into Steam Punk technology after the world was devastated.
I didn’t have really any gripes except for Obi-Wans hand reaching Anakin’s saber out to him it’s really small scale for the body it’s attached to. But other then that tiny gripe the issue was dam good. Hell I could even stand the goody-goody Jedi Temple scenes when normally I wished to vomit profusely. Well done my friends well done.

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