Our first figure review! Rey! Jakku style!

I really… really wanted to do a Luke Skywalker figure review. However since there is no Force Awakens Luke in both styles of 5-POA and SA I went with my next favorite. Rey (Antilles/Skywalker/Solo/Organa/Calrissian/?) Both her 5 POA Carded version and her Walmart exclusive Super Articulate (SA) Jakku versions.

Well as we know the Walmart exclusive Black Series all come in the same boxed style with a clear bubble in the front see below.

The luck

The five points of articulation (5POA) had some great art for all of its’ figures as we see Rey’s here. … (notice the Kohl’s $11.99 gouging price! huzzah!)


Here it’s no contest, the 5POA figures card art wins hands down. While the art shows a more snowy background Rey basically wears the exact same outfit until the last 10 or so minutes of the movie (spoiiiiler).


Here we see my best back lit attempt for the 5POA figure I have to say even for 5POA where I’m not a huge fan of it anymore it harkens me back to the old vintage goodness with the excellent mold used, and even a ball jointed head… progress people. That IS progress.


The figure was a build a weapon with some weird gun handle-wing thingy that I wouldn’t put you folks through to see. However I must say Rey’s staff fits well and her back-pack is detailed well and even has multiple snap-holes so you can adjust the tightness of the backpack when being worn.

Next is the Walmart exclusive Black Series Rey figure with 14POA on her with a staff and backpack similar to the 5POA version. The main difference is of course that she can be posed in more poses. Which considering the amount of fighting Rey does in the Force Awakens with her staff I have to say the posing for the SA is the clear winner.


Also the SA version is a bit more detailed then her 5POA sister. Her boots on the SA version have a mesh pattern around the ankle area that my camera phone didn’t capture well here.

The most noticeable difference in the base figure aside from the points of articulation is in he SA versions hands. Rey wears gloves in this version over the bare-handed 5POA figure of her.


The other major differences was the extra pain apps on Rey’s staff that has more colors used on her staff in the SA version as well as silver paint applied to Rey’s metal water flask she uses in The Force Awakens.

Aside from the base differences the other option for the SA Rey is her optional scavenger hood- head. Her ball jointed head can be removed and a second head wrapped up in her desert cloth and goggles she scavenges with is a nice change of pace for the SA Rey owners that don’t want her to be so badass femaleness for her all the time and instead can use the cloak head to take her on adventures sperlunking deep into crashed Star Destroyers to get pieces to sell to Unkar.

While doing the head swap with the SA version I decided to try and see what the 5POA version would look like on the SA body and Vice-Versa. Here’s the pics below..


Headswap2Initially the ball joints look pretty much the same shape with only the length of the neck being the biggest difference.

However on a closer show you can see the SA Rey’s head is slightly smaller then the 5POA verison


The SA version’s head is more defined as expected but I didn’t expect to see less eyebrow,… which works surprisingly enough lol.

Here’s a shot of the ball joint sockets from underneath.


.. yes you perverts I though it to.

(BB8 is deciding which one to kick for a change lol)

¬†And here’s the swap. The swap really shows how different the 2 faces are. The smaller SA head on the 5POA body really shows the length of the neck. The 5POA head on the SA body is more squat and squarish. Which doesn’t look too aweful IMO.


So while I do love the 5POA version the SA is my own personal choice to use for diorama’s and photonovels… not playing of course.. no never that… *coughs*.

However the 5POA version of Rey did have some redemption with her use of her staff as a very Gandolf-esque walking stick. See the Dio shots below…



However the SA Rey won’t let ehr 5POA sister take all the spotlight…lol…(never mind why Jabba is there lol)

Rey Snow


Thanks for reading and if you have figure tales or opinions feel free to leave comments or email us at dejariktable@gmail.com!


For those wondering the dio shots are just a vintage Yoda Daigobah playset with the tree removed and old degraded foam pasted over.


Why what do we have here…


Two girls about to make a run for it!


While Old Jho and GRC-E4 look on from behind as the pair of ladies start to dash off!


Suddenly they decided to stop and partake of each others features as if seeing who is the real one.


While standing there lingering at each others features the Ithorian and Droid become uncomfortable and decide to let the girls know if they like each other so much to go get a room… .sheesh.