Lando and Fett

It saddens me to hear Jason Wingreen passed away this Christmas. He voiced Boba Fett in Empire Strikes Back.

While Jeremy Bulloch had a great presence on screen using his acting and dancing skills to work great body movement of Boba Wingreen’s voice that was near monotone with a hint of ruthlessness in it matched it perfectly. No offense to Temuera Morrison who later voiced Jango and ugh… was re-edited into the Blu-Ray versions of Empire. Wingreen I think had a better play on it because he tried to put as little as himself possible in the voice and it came off near monotone.

Wingreens career was much wide then the bounty hunter in Lucas’ universe though, from the comedy Airplane! To television show appearances in  Star Trek, Bonanza All in the Family and many more. He’ll be missed by many who cared for him

A good voice for a character is crucial as those who’ve seen the un-dubbed version of Darth Vader with Prowse speaking the lines. Someimes magic can happen, it did with Wingreen’s Bobba Fett.

Rest in the Stars good sir.