It was a fair move, screaming about it wont help. – C3PO  from ANH

Chewy and 3P0 playing Dejarik

Though the text does have a metaphor here as I’ve moved away from my previous engagement of podcasters. They’re great guys and I wish them the best though and who knows we may see a few of them crop up over here or me pow-wowing back there.

But back to business, The Dejarik Table. The legendary game played across the galaxy far far away since before any of the characters can remember nor want to. It’s symbolism alone conjures up move vs. move and sometimes the occasional droid and wookie argument. It’s been seen in canon as a holonet-news broadcast receiver, recorder, audio and video file display. The little tables do a lot without much compensation in return.

On a personal note as a big figure and toy guy I always LOVED the holochess figures 3PO and Chewy played with on the Falcon in ANH. I was so glad to see an easter-egg reappear in The Force Awakens when Finn touches it.

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So in the coming weeks we plan to jazz this place up a little more and talk some toys, Force Friday, Black Friday, Christmas and beyond into 2016 with Vintage, Modern, Super Articulated, 5pOA, heck we’ll even through some playset requests around to. We’ll also be inputting the occasional news story and review as it time and relevance permits. We’re all excited to start a great new site and show and we hope we can share that excitement too!